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How Does Critical Illness Coverage Work?

Chances are you know someone affected by a Critical Illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. Facing such a diagnosis can be frightening and stressful.

Critical Illness coverage from Allstate Benefits puts insureds in Good Hands.

Our coverage pays a lump-sum cash benefit when a covered person is diagnosed with a covered illness. The benefits can be used however the insured sees fit, whether to help pay for non-covered medical expenses such as making medical-related home alterations; to seek treatment at a specialty care facility; to participate in clinical trials; and more. Or, use the cash benefits to help cover other payments such as mortgage or rent, utility bills, child care and other daily living expenses.

Our product includes Essential and Comprehensive coverage options, designed to protect the finances of Canadian employees if diagnosed with a covered critical illness. It complements any primary health insurance, closing gaps in coverage and empowering the employee to pursue treatment options instead of worrying about their finances.