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Why Voluntary Benefits?

Enhances benefits and adds value.

Many employers are seeking voluntary benefits to enhance their employee benefits offering. By introducing our Critical Illness insurance at work, you will provide a value-added voluntary benefit that offers best in class coverage.

    Advantages to employees
  • Pays a lump-sum cash benefit, which can be used however the insured sees fit
  • Helps close gaps in coverage, taking over where primary health insurance leaves off
  • Enhances existing coverage, giving insureds the opportunity to pursue additional options
  • Empowers insureds to seek the treatment they need, including clinical trials and experimental drug therapies
  • Gives insureds peace of mind, knowing they have the added coverage and cash benefit when faced with one of life’s most difficult moments
    Advantages to employers
  • No direct impact to your bottom line.
    Voluntary benefits are generally employee-paid. You can offer your employees the chance to enroll in extra protection at affordable rates. Employer-paid options are available as well.
  • No impact on your HR team – we do all the work!
    Allstate Benefits will handle all of the work, from communications to enrollment to administration. All we need from your HR team are the enrollment dates.
  • Enhances your current benefits program.
    Voluntary benefits offer advantages such as preferred underwriting, guaranteed issue and affordable, group rates.
  • Helps protect employee’s finances
    Employees understand the potential economic hardship a critical illness could have on their personal finances. This product helps provide a “safety net” against life’s unexpected moments.
  • Improves employee satisfaction
    A strong total benefits package aids in attracting and retaining quality employees in today’s competitive workforce. It is an easy and sensible way to show your employees you care about protecting their health and their financial wellbeing.